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While the first book of the Ropewalk Series was full of action and unexpected events, this second book, Saving Grace by HD Coulter is just as, maybe even more, grappling and emotional. While this book can stand alone, in my opinion readers should read this series in order to wrap your head around everything that Beatrice Mason has gone through. My review for the first book, Ropewalk, can be found here.

Beatrice and Joshua Mason have moved to Beacon Hill in Boston. Joshua acquires a lucrative job as a manager on the docks, unknowingly with the assistance of Bea’s attacker Captain Hanley who framed her for murder prior to their relocation across the Atlantic. Things are going well financially, but Bea struggles with nightmares while Hanley’s baby grows within her. She practically checks out emotionally when Joshua secretly plans for Bea’s sister to arrive to help Bea and make a better life for herself.

Joshua calls their doctor to help Bea when she goes into labor, but he refuses to help her. Their cook and household helper, Sarah, offers to bring someone she knows who can help. Regardless of her color, Sarah and her friend work towards saving Bea and the baby from death during childbirth. Bea and Sarah have developed quite a friendship and learn to trust one another.

As baby Grace grows and Bea is still recovering, Bea and Sarah take a shopping trip for dresses and stop at a mission house where they both can rest and have some tea together. Bea wants to get involved with their efforts to free black slaves. Secretly, Hanley realizes Bea is associating with his slave who ran away over a decade ago! He even barges into the Mason home to confront the two and insist they will both return to his plantation.

Now that Bea and Sarah both know Hanley’s been watching them and wants daughter back, he finds a way to snatch both Grace and Sarah without anyone knowing. Bea and Joshua are frantically looking for them. Bea and Beth decide to go to Hanley’s plantation with the help of the mission house. Joshua and his assistant find out after the ladies board a boat and take the next ship heading to that port to find them. Will Bea and Beth find Hanley’s plantation? Is Sarah safe back at the plantation after running away? Will they get Grace back?

The more I read about slavery and the Underground Railroad, the more my heart goes out to them. It could not have been an easy life for any of them! Knowing now that female slaves were used more than workers in the fields, abused, and threatened as they were is absolutely horrific. It’s almost unbelievable that the country we live in today is a direct correlation to the issues we’ve encountered and constantly attempt to overcome.

Other books I’ve read recently that have taught me so much about slavery include: The Yellow Wife by Sadeqa Johnson and Necessary Sins by Elizabeth Bell. I learned more about working as a cotton picker in The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah.

Thank you to HD Coulter and The Coffee Pot Book Club for this amazing work! I give Saving Grace by HD Coulter 5 out of 5 tiaras because it’s informative about what it might have been like to be a slave escaping to freedom and the emotions wrapped around finding Bea’s baby and her friend. There will be a book three and I look forward to seeing what’s next for Bea and Joshua!

Saving Grace by HD Coulter
Independently Published
Release date: 11MAY2021.

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About the author:

Hayley was born and raised in the lake district and across Cumbria. From a young age, Hayley loved learning about history, visiting castles and discovering local stories from the past. Hayley and her partner lived in Ulverston for three years and spent her weekends walking along the Ropewalk and down by the old harbour. She became inspired by the spirit of the area and stories that had taken place along the historic streets.

As a teacher, Hayley had loved the art of storytelling by studying drama and theatre. The power of the written word, how it can transport the reader to another world or even another time in history. But it wasn’t until living in Ulverston did she discover a story worth telling. From that point, the characters became alive and she fell in love with the story.

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